important reminder that gundam tanaka saved several species of animals from extinction


Source: Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Comic Anthology vol. 4

Artist: ぶんこ (Bunko)

my name is emily and i am emotional about reigisa


real friends are those ones who answer at your messages in 0.2 seconds and those ones who want to talk with you all day long 

this is the most bullshit post i’ve ever seen. guess what—sometimes your friends have a little something called lives and they’re not always able to answer you immediately or talk to you nonstop. that doesn’t make them “not real friends,” and if you expect your friends to be at your every beck and call then maybe you’re the one who’s the bad friend.


独原 咲

※Permission was granted by the artist to reprint this work.


hell yeah finished more talentswap designs

gambler sonia and fortune teller peko

sonias fake name is pussy galore fight me

(Source: tomoko--higashikata)