i’m highly entertained by island mode


played around with some selfies today, eyyy


in my time in the dr fandom, i have yet to see pictures of owari doing gymnast things


So there’s this interesting feature in DR2 where if you check on the dead characters’ houses after the Chapter 5 trial (and before Chapter 6 begins) you get a very weird assortment of glitchy text that seems to reflect their final thoughts. This was a known thing back before the game was translated officially, but it’s cool to see they kept it in there, and fairly similarly at that.

Bonus Chiaki because hers didn’t fit:


Also, Komaeda’s cottage doesn’t have one.


two dudes who need to chill


why do these 3 look like they about to become the most successful rap group of 2014?

Satou was in the archery club. Maybe that was her talent?

hajime hinata with the sick burns


things that are upsetting:

in chapter 2, souda and hinata arrived at the diner well before any of the girls did and sat around for at least a half hour before they saw kuzu leaving the beach. that means if they had just gone straight to the beach rather than waiting at the diner, they could have prevented mahiru’s murder. 

i’m not okay. so not okay.