Anonymous asked: calling taylor swift out on appropriating culture does not equate to calling her "the scum of the earth." many black people have stated that they felt offended when watching that video and you as a white person have no right to go against their word. taylor swift is not trash or shitty, just what she did in that part of the video. thank you.

I wasn’t calling out black people who were offended by the video. they have every right to be offended, and you’re right, as a white person I have no place invalidating that. I wasn’t trying to. I was just saying that I have seen a lot of people who HAVE been very nasty about her and I just don’t approve of that kind of behavior. my posts have been about those people in particular.


Hey looky what I made! (I’m a ridiculous person why even….)

Character designs by: sol—lux


BOOP GUYS!!!! we have togami and naegi and komaeda in dr:ae now 
aaaand Hagakure Hiroko (3rd pic) & Asahina Yuta (2nd pic)
important info: hieroglyph next to komaeda means “servant”

Anonymous asked: just because taylor swift is a good person and has done some good things doesnt mean the bad things she's done shouldnt be called out on

point is though that she is a good person. and that shouldn’t be forgotten either. of course we should call out the problematic things, because that’s how people are educated and act differently in the future. but some people, in doing so, treat her like a monster, like she’s this intentionally malicious awful person, and that just isn’t true. she’s human, and nobody’s perfect. so yes, call out the bad things, but don’t treat her like she’s the scum of the earth.

so while you’re busy shitting on taylor swift for literally every single thing she’s ever done, just remember that she was ranked as the number one most charitable celebrity of 2012 and 2013.

Anonymous asked: lthat's not what that was about those black women are literally the only ones being sexualised. it has nothing to do with Taylor not being "good at twerking".

twerking is, by nature, a sexualized dance. i don’t think it’s possible to show people twerking without it being interpreted as sexual. so maybe she should have left it out entirely, but I think all she was trying to do was show a bunch of different styles of dance. she wasn’t intentionally trying to objectify black women. (i’d like to point out it appears that at least one or two of those twerkers are white, or have light skin at least)

i also really wanna do a sondam shoot„„„,