Mahiru Koizumi.

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tagviewer on xkit is literally the greatest tool ever created. i am so thankful for tagviewer. god bless xkit guy

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She’s literally the only one who cared enough about komaeda to bring him food

THIS TOO oh my god literally she didn’t have to do that but she thought it would be nice especially since i bet no one else fucking thought “oh gee we’d better feed him”

today my dad used the word “abscond” incorrectly in a sentence and I corrected him. and then i hated myself a little when I thought about why I know what that word means.

dumb (not sad) feelings under the cut

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wanna know what the very first reaction to finding chapter 1’s victim is?

don’t you dare fucking tell me that she is an angry manhating bitch

don’t you fucking dare

she literally cares so fucking much about everyone

im so done with people not seeing this goodbye

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lays on you and sobs about kuzumi and kuzu and mahi and peko and chapter 2 and literally everything

Oh boy. Oh boy. Don’t you love rereading and finding a quality moment of foreshadowing and/or irony that you totally missed the first time around?

The fact that he says that in response to her, of all people. And then he does hesitate. 

so if the theories are true and there really are an infinite number of universes out there, then it’s possible that anything and everything actually exists. there are tons of universes with exact copies of earth, with just a few changes. there’s a universe where you’re a pop star. there’s a universe where no one invented that little pizza table thing and the cheese always gets stuck to the top of the pizza box. there’s a universe where humans went extinct after the neanderthals. there’s a universe where highly advanced dogs rule the planet and pigs can fly.

let’s get a little crazier, though. because if there really are an infinite number of universes, that means anything you could possibly imagine is real in some universe. there is a universe where peter pan is real. there is a universe where hogwarts is real. there is a universe where that shitty sonic fanfiction you wrote in seventh grade genuinely occurred. if there are an infinite number of universes, then every single piece of fiction that has ever been written is actually reality in some universe.


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